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Dr King’s Dream — A reality Check Fifty Years Later

January 20, 2013 Staff 0

The country is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dr King’s speech and the second inauguration of of a Black President. However, for the vast majority of African-Americans, Dr. King’s dream is still far from a reality. In December Black Adult unemployment was 14% and teenage unemployment, 40.5%.

Time to Confront Black Unemployment

November 14, 2012 Staff 0

Last month, the economy created a large number of jobs, but black unemployment increased from 13.4% to 14.3%. With the presidential election over, it is time now to address the crushing burden of unemployment among blacks.

Major Economic Indicators Steady for the Week

August 13, 2012 Staff 0

The economy continued to grind along slowly and did not show any signs of moving away from its current growth path of 1.5%, neither in an upward nor downward direction. Things not expected to change soon.

July Employment Report: Do Not Expect Change

August 1, 2012 Staff 0

The Jobs report for July will be released Friday. The economy turned a bit more negative in July. We expect 100,000 jobs, the unemployment rate to remain the same at 8.2% and the black unemployment to increase.

Weekly Economic Summary: Growth Is Slowing

June 11, 2012 Staff 0

For the week of June 4, 2012 a summary of key indicators shows that the economy is weakening. The pace of the weaknesses very slow, but it is rather broad. The question is whether it is temporary.

Inequality in America: Wealth, Jobs and Race

April 18, 2012 Staff 0

Inequality for blacks and Latinos has worsened over time. Whether measured by wealth, income or jobs, the picture is dismal. Blacks and Latinos make up 27% of the workforce and 40% of all unemployed workers.