A Prescription for Economic Recovery

August 28, 2012 Staff 0

Do not expect to hear details about the economic proposal of the Republicans or the Democrats– the issue that is of most concern to the population. Therefore, we outline what needs to happen.

Major Economic Indicators Steady for the Week

August 13, 2012 Staff 0

The economy continued to grind along slowly and did not show any signs of moving away from its current growth path of 1.5%, neither in an upward nor downward direction. Things not expected to change soon.

Week in Review: Economic Ups and Downs

July 13, 2012 Staff 0

Everyone was braced for bad economic news following the disappointing unemployment numbers of last week. However, the week may be ending on a good note following J.P. Morgan’s earnings report.

Direction of Economy is Uncertain

June 21, 2012 Staff 0

A summary of key indicators shows that the economy is still getting weaker, despite the hope that the current slowdown would be temporary. Data on unemployment claims and retail sales are disappointing.

Weekly Economic Summary: Growth Is Slowing

June 11, 2012 Staff 0

For the week of June 4, 2012 a summary of key indicators shows that the economy is weakening. The pace of the weaknesses very slow, but it is rather broad. The question is whether it is temporary.

America’s Unrequited Love of the Open Road

May 29, 2012 Staff 0

Catherine Ross, Gazelle Index VP, said on CBS Morning Show, “To those who say ‘I’ve already paid for this,’ (i.e. the highway systems) my answer is, ‘Sometimes you have to pay to keep what you have,”