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Eurozone Debt: Chickens Come Home to Roost

December 9, 2011 Staff 0

Two decades ago, European countries were very critical of Latin American and African countries that were saddled with tremendous debt. Now, Europe is facing the same problem–the chickens have come home to roost.

Gazelle Index: Q1 2012 Outlook

December 2, 2011 Staff 0

The Gazelle Index is a national survey of small businesses owned by whites, blacks, Hispanics, men and women. Small business hiring will increase in 2012 in all regions except the West and for all groups except Hispanics.

How the November Jobs Report is linked to Greek Debt

November 2, 2011 Staff 0

Large US financial institutions are heavily invested in euro zone countries; Bank of America, J.P. Morgan and Citigroup each have over $14 billion invested in the five worst countries. If they default, US bank lending will be curtailed significantly.