Client Case: African Union


Description: The AU, through the National Democratic Institute, engaged EuQuant to assist in developing a data warehouse to evaluate African Democratic Development (DADD). 

Background and Statement of problem and Rationale for Engagement

The AU’s Charter on Democracy, Elections, and Governance was adopted in January 2007 to strengthen good governance and promote free and fair elections in member states.

The AU Commission has articulated a vision that calls for strengthening the organization’s African Governance Architecture (AGA) to move from standard-setting to evaluating compliance with those standards. Central to the realization of this vision is the AU’s five-year strategy to develop a methodology for monitoring progress made by countries toward the standards the Charter has established.

A critical component of achieving this objective is establishing a database to collect and analyze information on democracy in Africa. EuQuant is assisting in this regard. DADD is intended to assist the AU in aggregating findings required for conducting democracy assessments and gathering information to create the democratic trends reports.