Description: EuQuant examined the efficiency of MARTA Operations and developed financial Frameworks and Financing Options to enhance Revenue Streams (spring, 2011).  EuQuant also examined relevant financing options to optimize MARTA’s revenue stream, financial resources, and flexibility, and increase its ability to respond to emerging conditions – including financial shortfalls, service reductions and governance changes.

The study included an investigation of issues related to inefficient resources utilization across institutional and municipal boundaries. It identified opportunities to foster regional cooperation and coordination so as to address complex issues related to multi-jurisdictional boundaries.  EuQuant examined the types of agreements that would facilitate MARTA’s growth and efficiency institutionally and geographically and examined and identified the appropriate institutional framework. Four types of agreements were analyzed: Memorandums of Understanding, Strategic Partnerships, Joint Powers Authorities, and Interstate Contracts/ Multi-state Agreements. The report outlined the strengths and weaknesses of each type of agreement.