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Week in Review: Stocks and Other Indicators Post Strong Gains

March 17, 2013 Staff 0

Last week, the Dow Jones reached a new record of 14,539. Other favorable economic indicators included initial claims for unemployment compensation, increase in retail and food sales and consumer confidence. The economic advances appear to be are real and sustainable.

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Kenyans Elect New President: Hope for a Fresh Start

March 14, 2013 Staff 0

Uhuru Kenyatta (son of the country’s first President Jomo Kenyatta), was declared President this week by the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). The intense conditions surrounding the elections have the country’s security forces are on high alert.

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Dow Positive for Investors, Sequester Negative for the Poor

March 6, 2013 Staff 0

The Dow Jones Index has set a new record while ordinary individuals are bracing for the doom and gloom of the sequester, which hit hardest at the less fortunate segment of society. But investors will continue to benefit as long as economy shows signs of growth.

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Sequestration’s Slowly Tightening Vise Grip on the Economy

March 4, 2013 Staff 0

The effects of sequester will not be like a fiscal cliff, or an immediate economic collapse. Instead, the results will operate like a slowly tightening vise, gradually squeezing the life out of the economy. Think of the sequester as death by 1000 cuts, rather than by a knockout punch.

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Sequester: No longer a Game of Chicken but Russian Roulette

March 1, 2013 Staff 0

Congress has played chicken with the deficit so much the public was surprised the sequester occurred. The gamesmanship has moved to Russian roulette and the outcome will stagger the economy. Expect to see a bullet in the head of a political party. The question is, which one?