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Better to Face the Fiscal Cliff than to Procrastinate

November 27, 2012 Staff 0

If Congress is not willing to develop a sound plan to reduce the debt and balance the budget by raising taxes and cutting spending, then it is better to face the fiscal cliff. The long-run consequences of kicking the can down the road will be apocalyptic.

Fiscal Cliff + Hurricane Sandy = Recession

November 18, 2012 Staff 0

Hurricane Sandy has weakened the economy, which was growing robustly over the last several months. If Congress fails to avoid the fiscal cliff, $607 billion in tax increases and reduced spending will occur, making a new recession likely.

Time to Confront Black Unemployment

November 14, 2012 Staff 0

Last month, the economy created a large number of jobs, but black unemployment increased from 13.4% to 14.3%. With the presidential election over, it is time now to address the crushing burden of unemployment among blacks.

Understanding the Fiscal Cliff: Part I

November 12, 2012 Staff 0

Total budget deficit reduction caused by the fiscal cliff (i.e. tax changes and automatic spending cuts is estimated at $607 billion). However, the cuts will come at a significant cost in economic growth and jobs and will likely cause a new recession.

Obama’s Victory Allows Nation to Reset

November 7, 2012 Staff 0

During his acceptance speech, President Obama displayed a new sense of unity, determination, humbleness and a level of confidence not seen during his first term. He is focused more than ever on achieving the change his campaign has promised.

Economy’s Renewed Strength Helps Obama

November 6, 2012 Staff 0

Recent positive economic indicators are a big boost to President Obama’s reelection bid. The economy has created over 170,000 for the last 5 months and consumer spending has picked up. The truth will be revealed by the midnight today.

October Jobs Report gets a Grade of B

November 2, 2012 Staff 0

The economy added 171,000 jobs in October, many more than analysts expected, and unemployment edged up to 7.9% because so many persons re-entered the labor market. The number of jobs created in Sept. was revised up by 30%.