The JOBS Act helps Small Business Start-Ups

September 25, 2012 Staff 0

The largest share of new jobs is create by small, innovative start up companies. The JOBS Act makes capital more accessible to these companies. This is is indispensable to reducing unemployment among Blacks and Latinos.

QE3 and Small Business Lending

September 14, 2012 Staff 0

The FED undertook QE3. The policy will put more money into the economy, but unless banking practices change, very little will find its way into small business loans and the impact on hiring may be more limited.

Why Small Business Hiring is on Hold

September 13, 2012 Staff 0

During the economic recovery, small businesses have accounted for the majority of new jobs in the US economy. However, small businesses are able to create jobs because they are part of corporate supply chains.

Why some Black Firms Grow Faster than Others

September 12, 2012 Staff 0

This article looks at Gazelle Index surveys results that examine differences between high-growth and low growth black firms. High-growth firms are those with a 20% or greater annual employment growth.