America’s Unrequited Love of the Open Road

May 29, 2012 Staff 0

Catherine Ross, Gazelle Index VP, said on CBS Morning Show, “To those who say ‘I’ve already paid for this,’ (i.e. the highway systems) my answer is, ‘Sometimes you have to pay to keep what you have,”

Minority and Small Business IPOs

May 24, 2012 Staff 0

Minority businesses and small businesses can now use the JOBS Act to undertake IPOs. We investigate the lessors learned from the Penny stock IPO, since both are more likely to be issued by small firms.

Our Process

May 23, 2012 Staff 0

Delivering Results: A Broad Outline of Our Process It’s true: no two customers are ever the same. However, our customers do tend to share one […]

Categories of Recent Clients

May 23, 2012 Staff 0

EuQuant services a wide range of clients through its ability to provide creative solutions, uniquely tailored to each client’s needs and objectives. Currently 32% of […]

J.P. Morgan and the Volker Rule

May 21, 2012 Staff 0

The Volker Rule is scheduled for consideration by the House or Senate in July 2012. The bill would prevent banks from engaging in proprietary trading or sponsoring hedge funds or private-equity funds.

Obama to the Rescue? The G8 at Camp David

May 18, 2012 Staff 0

Today’s G8 meeting of world leaders will be one of the biggest and most important to be hosted at Camp David. President Obama’s leadership skills will be tested in an attempt to maintain the integrity of the euro zone.