South Africa’s March toward MDGs

March 29, 2012 Staff 0

More needs to be done but the Gazelle Index applauds South Africa for its MDG achievements and continuing struggle to reduce poverty, infectious diseases, unemployment and gender inequality.

India takes Steps toward Gender Equity

March 28, 2012 Staff 0

India is the world’s largest democracy. In 1981, only 19.7% of women were in the labor market. Today, women in India are responsible for 81% of the total time spent on housework and care and 36% of the total time spent in market activities.

Economic Recovery: Shifting into Cruise Control

March 21, 2012 Staff 0

The US Economy is now recovering at a normal rate. As inflation fears rise, the Federal Reserve Bank will have to reconsider its pledge to keep interest rates fixed until 2014. Indicators to look for in the future are discussed.