Women Business Owners: Outlook for 2012

January 31, 2012 Staff 0

The 2012 Outlook for women-owned businesses is positive; 26.1% will increase hiring in the first quarter of 2012 while only 13.3% will decrease hiring. Women business hiring will be strongest in the South and Midwest and especially in Information Technology related industries.

2012 Outlook for Hispanic/Latino Businesses

January 28, 2012 Staff 0

Hispanic/Latino CEOs do not plan to increase hiring in 2012. They are the only group where 20% of CEO will add jobs while 18% will cut jobs. Future hiring will be strongest in retail and virtually unchanged in construction. Regionally, Hispanic/Latino firm hiring will be strongest in the South.

Checkmate! Obama’s Play on Romney’s Taxes

January 26, 2012 Staff 0

The tax disclosure of Mitt Romney , showing he paid just 14% on $21 million of income, improving economic conditions and the rising approval ratings of the President are potential obstacles to the Republican’s bid for the White House.

Black-Owned Businesses: Outlook for 2012

January 24, 2012 Staff 0

Black CEOs plan to increase hiring significantly in 2012, more so than any other race or ethnic group; 37.4% will increase hiring vs. 15.2% who will cut jobs. Black business hiring will be strongest in the Northeast and in Information Technology.