Contagion from Euro Zone Hits the US

July 25, 2012 Staff 0

Contagion from the euro zone debt crisis has hit the US in the form of lower confidence and spending by investors and consumers and greater difficulty in borrowing and refinancing mortgages.

Week in Review: Economic Ups and Downs

July 13, 2012 Staff 0

Everyone was braced for bad economic news following the disappointing unemployment numbers of last week. However, the week may be ending on a good note following J.P. Morgan’s earnings report.

J.P. Morgan and the Volker Rule

May 21, 2012 Staff 0

The Volker Rule is scheduled for consideration by the House or Senate in July 2012. The bill would prevent banks from engaging in proprietary trading or sponsoring hedge funds or private-equity funds.

J.P Morgan and the Get Rich Quick Psychosis

May 15, 2012 Staff 0

If J.P. Morgan Chase were not so large, it would certainly be closing its doors forever. Its indulgence in this latest get rich quick scheme illustrates how too many corporate leaders focus on schemes rather than hard work.