Our Analytical Services

Capacity Analysis and Business Development

We can determine the amount of work small, diverse and emerging businesses can perform over a specific period of time in a specific region, industry or classification.

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Small Business Program Design

We design emerging small business programs to aid business opportunity and development.

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Global and Domestic Supply Chain Analysis

We assess a market's readiness and calculate its potential value. Determine if global diverse suppliers can provide services that are in line with a company's or government agency's objectives.

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A Detailed List of Small Business Program Design Services:

  1. Small Business Size Criteria
    We determined the qualification size standards for small businesses, the optimum contract sizes that maximize small and minority business opportunity, and the industries within which small business contracts should be awarded.
  2. Small Business Development
    We monitor and evaluate the growth and performance of small businesses through the use of a uniquely designed Business Development Index
  3. Small Business Race Neutral Programming
    We design small business programs that are race neutral but nonetheless maximize opportunities for minority and diverse suppliers

A Detailed List of Global and Domestic Supply Chain Analytical Services:

  1. Sustainable Development
    We specialize in analyses that help organizations and governmental agencies achieve Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals, focusing specifically on creating domestic business capacity.
  2. Entrepreneurship and Development
    We work with national assemblies in developing countries to identify links between self-employment, small and midsize business development, women business development, and sustainable development goals.
  3. Infrastructure and Development
    We specialize in transportation planning, infrastructure planning in domestic and international markets. Our staff includes globally renowned transportation and infrastructure experts.
  4. Program Performance Evaluation
    We specialize in monitoring and evaluating the impact of programs and projects on organizational and corporate objectives.

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