GazelleIndex™ is an App for Managing Diverse Supplier Portfolios

  • GazelleIndex™ is a web app that allows corporations, government agencies, non-profits and business associations to manage supplier portfolios effortlessly and to identify diverse suppliers by detailed industry and capacity.

What does the GazelleIndex do?

It simplifies the supply chain management process by consolidating all information on diverse suppliers in one place and presenting it in a user-friendly way that helps managers optimize diverse supplier objectives and minimize risk.

  • GazelleIndex™ uses analytics to answer the following questions:
     How many diverse suppliers can provide work in each segment of my supply chain?
     Where are the suppliers located and how can I contact them?
     Which suppliers have the scale and capacity to perform the work I need?
     Is my organization overlooking qualified diverse suppliers?
     How much should I spend with each segment of diverse suppliers to achieve my objectives?
     How does my diverse supplier spend impact local jobs and income?

Why is the GazelleIndex Important to your Organization?

  •  Diverse suppliers and diverse markets are the fastest growing nationally and internationally
     Organizations that use diverse suppliers compete more effectively in the new economy
     Identifying diverse suppliers of sufficient scale and capacity is difficult and costly
     GazelleIndex™ eliminates the information gap, reduces cost and improves supply chain management efficiency

Who Powers GazelleIndex™?

  • GazelleIndex is powered by EuQuant Inc. (pronounced You-Quant). EuQuant is an economic research and regional planning company that specializes in data analytics on small and minority-owned companies.

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