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To Reduce Black Unemployment, Think Out of the Box

April 17, 2013 Staff 0

Black Americans comprise 11.9% of the U.S workforce, but make up 20.2% of unemployed workers. Now that there are even fewer resources, unemployed blacks can forget about assistance from Washington. The sequester means blacks must develop non-governmental solutions.

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Slowing Economy Worries Small Business Owners

April 9, 2013 Staff 0

Small-business pessimism is consistent with the declining number of new jobs created in March. Although the unemployment rate fell in March from 7.7% to 7.6%, the decline was caused largely by almost one-half million fewer workers participating in the labor market.

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Fiscal Cliff will hit Small and Minority Business Hard

December 24, 2012 Staff 0

Small and minority businesses will be hurt doubly because a majority of the spending cuts are aimed at the Department of Defense and DOD accounts for over 50% of small and minority business contracting opportunities with the government. In addition, retail spending will be cut back.