Gazelle Index’s Top Wishes for You in the New Year


From the Gazelle Index staff, here are several wishes we have for you in the New Year n- 2012. The Gazelle Index wish list for 2013 is now posted. The 2012 wish list is based on several findings from the Gazelle Index’s national survey of small business owners. When we analyzed all of the survey results to determine why some businesses are more successful than others we found a number of things. Specifically, we examined results using very sophisticated statistical techniques and we found the following. The most successful business owners are planners — surprise, surprise!  The businesses that were most successful at growing fast had the following characteristics:

  1. They set high growth goals;
  2. They developed a growth plan to achieve those goals;
  3. They implemented the growth plan;
  4. They improved their business management practices to become more efficient; and
  5. They were run by younger entrepreneurs.

This article will focus on the last observation. Specifically, it focuses on why higher growth companies are run by younger entrepreneurs. Most people think it is because young people are more daring and willing to take higher risks.  However, that is not the reason. The reason is that younger entrepreneurs are usually healthier and more energetic. The facts indicate CEOs of higher growth companies are not high risk takers—they are moderate risk takers. Our survey responses indicate that 68% of gazelle CEO are moderate risk takers, while only 24% are high risk takers and 8% are non-risk takers.  The results also showed that the 24% who are high risk takers are not any more successful than are the moderate risk takers. So that’s why our wishes for you focus on ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Here are our wishes:

Wish #1 – that one of your most important goals you set for the New Year is to live a healthier lifestyle. The Gazelle Index mission is to make small business owners more successful. So, look closely at the profile of five entrepreneurs you most admire. We would bet that most, if not all, look healthy and try to live a healthy lifestyle. There is a reason for that – unhealthy entrepreneurs don’t last too long.

Wish #2: – that your New Year’s resolution includes healthy lifestyle goals that are reasonable and achievable. If losing weight is one of your goals stop obsessing over it. Instead, realize that you can’t lose weight until you stop gaining it. Make a simple commitment – you will be the same weight at the end of 2012 that you were at the beginning of the year. Accomplishing that simple goal would be a huge step in the right direction because we usually gain several more pounds each year

Wish #3 – that you start by making a commitment to go outdoors for at least 40 minutes, three times a week. When you go outside, you don’t have to exercise or walk, just go outside. You will find that it is impossible to stay outside for 40 minutes without doing something active-and that is precisely the goal.

Wish #4 – that you commit to drinking more water (if you are not on a restricted water intake diet).  Drinking more water is one of the best ways to improve your energy level and doing that will help you be more successful at whatever you do. Usually, we go through our day with very little liquid intake and then wonder why we are so tired.

From the Gazelle Index staff, we wish you the very best in 2012 and hope you make it the year you have always dreamed about.

Last modified: June 20, 2017

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